Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers worldwide! This photo pretty much sums up my entire existence. I grew up in the south of the states and I was blessed to have 2 great grandmothers, 2 grandmothers, my mom, and many aunties around during my childhood. I remember Saturday mornings going to eat buttermilk biscuits, watch wrestling and play cards with my Great Grandma. Watching her cook anything was like watching a painter paint or a seamstress sew. I also remember listening to my other Great Grandma as she told me stories about growing up in the south as a black woman and why she always carries a gun (that's a story for another day). They sacrificed so much and had a lot of persistence to make sure my siblings and I lived our best life. Mother's Day is so special to me because I know I wouldn't be where I am without all the mommas in my life!

*My mom and my uncle are the two little children in the picture seated with my grandmother and grandmother.

Kristen KeysComment