We landed in Lisbon in the late hours of the evening, which made the city seem very mysterious, quite and dark. The morning came and with the first peak of the sun, the city just came to life. Every street characterized with colorful flats, ombre fades, and textures that only natural erosion could do. This was me and my boyfriend's first visit to Portugal, so we researched things to do and see as usual. However, I prefer to get lost and let the city surprise us with its' spontaneous charm.

One of my weaknesses when traveling especially in Europe is eating too much especially desserts. Portugal is known for its Pastel de natas, an egg tart pastry that's addictive. I know I had maybe 8-10 during the whole trip. Other food that I tried was fried fish, risotto de negro, gelato of course, and cod fish cakes. I could write a full post on the food alone, but what I loved most is that the food is not treated as some special fancy delicacy. It's just prepared with passion, pride for their culture and affordable.

Textures lined almost every street of Lisbon. As a print designer, I soaked up a lot of inspiration and took a lot of pictures every chance I got. Portugal is known for its ceramic tiles, so I purchased a few for reference as well as ceramic beads at one of the local shops near our flat in Santa Apolonia. I'm also a sucker for the sea, so we took a day trip to a beautiful city called Cascais and also visited Sintra which were just short trips away from Lisbon. I would gladly visit Lisbon again, but next on my bucket list is Porto.




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