In 2015, I took my first trip to Italy and I can't think of a better city to start with than Rome.

We also visited several museums and galleries, but my absolute favorite was my visit to the Azzedine Alaia Sculpture and Couture exhibition at Galleria Borghese. I knew I wanted to visit this museum well before this trip was planned, but I had no idea that this exhibition was on until I arrived. I'd seen an Alaia exhibition in Paris a few years ago, but it was not on this level. Imagine rooms full of beautiful dresses by Alaia in between the art and sculptures of Bernini, Canova, Raphael, and Rubens. I realized more and more how I love that Alaia is so conscious of the woman's body. Each piece was draped gracefully while accentuating the curves and sexiness of the woman. 

If I don't remember anything else about this trip, I'll definitely remember the delicious FOOD! I read blogs and sites before hand to plan some good places to eat, but my boyfriend's Italian friend Marco had us covered. First, we went to a tiny pasta place, Pastificio with fresh carbonara and pesto pasta made daily. Nothing fancy just pasta and a plastic cup of wine to go, but it was so good. Then we had the best Tiramisu on the planet by a brand called Pompi, which was seriously heaven in a spoon.  I still think about the light, fluffiness of the original and pistachio Tiramisu, and I get frustrated because I will never find Tiramisu in London that comes close to the goodness of Pompi.  Even on the days that we decided to stay in, which was only one day due to rain, we managed to find a restaurant on the block of our apartment. If you're Italian, this is normalcy for you, but for the first time we tasted Riso de Scampi. It's a redish creamy mix of Risotto rice and shrimp. So good and simple that we went to the market the next day to get the ingredients and made it for dinner. We visited one of my favorite neighborhoods in Rome, Monti and spent a lot of time in Zia Rosetta with adorable bite sized sandwiches, the best natural light and bomb music that it made me feel at home.  I honestly left Rome fluffier, chubbier, but happier.

Other than the beautiful exhibition and the food, it was great to people watch. I feel like Italian women have the best style, so that was a huge inspiration as an illustrator. We also took a visit to Florence and Gaeta, which deserves a post of its own.  I definitely want to visit Roma again.

Until the next adventure!