San Sebastian

I usually don't like traveling during the winter to cold climates, but this trip to San Sebastian was an exception. I paid a visit to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday and to finally get to this small town, Getaria to see the Balenciaga museum. We took advantage of the sunshine the first day, which was the warmest day by chilling on Playa de la Concha. The scenery on this beach was so picturesque, bright, and dreamy. It helped that there weren't many people visiting during this time, so it felt like we had the beach to ourselves. Very contrary to the speed in London, it allowed me time to meditate, draw and simply bask in the sun. The rest of the days were about 50 degrees fahrenheit, but rainy and much chillier at night. 

The highlight of this trip was my visit to the Balenciaga museum. The museum is located in Cristobal Balenciaga's mountainous hometown, Getaria surrounded by the sea. Amazing! Similar to the beach, there weren't many people in the museum. It was literally Abu, myself, and maybe 4 more people in this huge 2 story museum full of Balenciaga gowns. I had time and the space to admire the craftsmanship of each piece and appreciate how Balenciaga was a pioneer in the modern silhouette of the woman. My boyfriend's grandmother worked in his atelier many years ago in trim and embroidery, so it was great for him to visit as well. I captured my visit in  a short video via Periscope. You can view the video here: Kris Keys visits Museo Balenciaga 

Other than the museum and the beautiful beach, we visited a few surrounding cities, spent time with Abu's family, and ate really good food. We ate so many pinchos which are small snacks popular in the Basque country of Spain. So good! I had ravioli stuffed with shrimp, stuffed zucchini, tortilla, croquettes with ham, and so on. Some of our favorite pinchos were at Antonio bar in the city centre. It was crowded, but the service was fast and the food was soooooo good. I also found a concept store, Valentina with the cutest stationary, home decor, and accessories. If you've visited San Sebastian, what were some of your favorite places? I'm sure I'll be visiting again, so it'll be great to check out some of your recommendations.

Until the next adventure.

Hasta Luego!