St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

I had the pleasure of staying at St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel and illustrating features of the Chambers Suite. I’ve passed by this hotel so many times heading to Kings Cross Train Station, but never ventured inside. This was perfect because the layout is open allowing anyone to come into the lobby or dine in the hotel’s restaurant. So, I was able to be my intro extroverted self aiming throughout the hotel without feeling isolated or crowded.

I stayed in the Chambers Suite area just tucked away from the hotel’s lobby and because I’d been hopping illustrating at hotels all week, I enjoyed being able to stay in and enjoy tea + dinner in the suite. Apparently the hotel was refurbished in 2012, but built in the 1800s as the Midland Grand. You can read more about the dynamic history of the hotel here . I spent a large majority of the evening getting lost in the hotel and scanning every detail. It’s rare that you get to experience the artwork and craftsmanship up close that went into buildings in the 1800s.

My room was stunning with a high ceiling and a view of the Eurostar. One of my favorite getaways when I stayed in London was taking the train to Paris. I could literally sit on my bed, sketch, listen to music and watch people board the train to Paris until midnight. I’m a sucker for an outside view, but I absolutely didn’t miss it with this feature of seeing the train station out my window.

The Grand Staircase was the icing on the cake of this stay. Words can’t describe the beauty of this staircase and to hear the history behind it was incredible. It’s covered with ONE piece of fabric. I couldn’t believe it so I walked up from the 1st floor up to the top to see if there were any breaks in the carpet and there were none. The artwork on the ceiling is also hand painted. This hotel made me believe that anything is possible and it helped me to step away from the urge to create quickly. Sure, we live in a different time when everything is instant, but there’s beauty in taking time to create art paying attention to every detail. I hope you enjoyed this journey through St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel.