Leman Locke Hotel London

I had the pleasure of reviewing Leman Locke Hotel in East London during the start of spring. This was by far the most “instagramable” hotel I’ve ever visited. The large ceiling to floor windows, plants, pink and lavender decor and the cozy ambience provided the perfect backdrop even if you accidentally took a photo.

I stayed on the 22nd floor and it just filled my thirst for a good view. I love city landscapes and my room provided me with the perfect view of rooftop gardens and a view of Leman Street. I shouldnt refer to it as a hotel, because it is designed as an apartment with each space equipped with a kitchen, sofa, bathroom, bed, a washer, and a yoga mat. It rained hard my second day at the hotel, and I had no problem with staying inside, watching tv, and being able to cook a light meal for myself. For dinner, a friend and I went to the restaurant Treves and Hyde for food and drinks, which made me realize that I wouldn’t mind staying here for at least a month. With a gym downstairs, a cafe upon entry, and a restaurant, you literally never have to leave home.

View the illustrations, photos, and videos that I captured during my stay.

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